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Lal jose is a leading film director of Kerala.
His simple but brilliant ideas in visual language illuminate issues of common man. His films are outstanding by their nature of content, audio visual treatment and commercial success. He has eleven films to his credit. Born in Vallapad, Thrissur, Lal Jose entered film making as an assistant to noted director Kamal.

Brand LJ
Dating from 1998 Lal Jose brought in diverse narratives with marked difference in aesthetic approach and story telling style to Malayalam Cinema. His success is a dream hard earned. And his stature is unique in the industry. Even while film making activity is in full swing Lal Jose furthers his interest in media through other channels. 'Esperanto', a creative team with himself at the helm is active in advertising and other genres of film making. Their latest venture 'Celebrate Kerala' is a 70 plus minutes documentary showcasing `God’s own’ Kerala. Privileges of victory have not tampered the creative spirit of this film maker. Lal Jose has an array of film projects out side his mother tongue Malayalam. LJ Films a collective venture initiated by Lal Jose promotes fresh talent and new ideas in the creative and commercial arena of film production.

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